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IdeaGist Practical Entrepreneur program offers 40 hours of insightful videos, by top universities and leading entrepreneurs, covering a range of topics that are critical for an entrepreneur to learn.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business, chances are that you have a good idea about your work but as an entrepreneur, you will be tested in many aspects of business development. With so many things available on the Internet, it is hard to focus or go systematically through a series of topics that will provide you a 360 view of the terrain ahead.

IdeaGist Practical Entrepreneur is divided into four modules, with each module focusing on the startup phase. If you spend few hours every week in learning, you should be able to finish the whole course in 90 days. You can go faster or slower, depending on your own situation.

IdeaGist Practical Entrepreneur is offered at no cost to you. We don't ask for any credit cards.

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